20 Jan

Food Intolerance and Allergies are an increasing side effect of modern life driven by a range of causes that can be identified and treated.

So what is the difference between Allergy and Intolerance?

Allergy is an adverse reaction to a substance (e.g. peanuts) which can be life threatening.

Intolerance is where the body cannot deal with a substance at that particular time. Causes are usually poor diet, stress or a combination of things.

Problems are often masked because people get symptoms that may not necessarily be picked up at the time (fluctuating symptoms).

People may get tired, depressed or anxious, fluid retention (particularly from wheat) a racing pulse, diarrhoea, constipation, a craving for certain foods, headaches, migraines or alcohol intolerance (caused by the preservatives and chemicals used within the product)

Asthma, hay fever, rashes are all physical signs which can be seen.

Hyperactive children, learning disabilities and dry patches on the skin can also be caused by diet.

Specific foods do not always cause the same reaction in different people.

Testing for Intolerances

Laboratory testing – for allergies in the atmosphere

Pulse test – The pulse increases after certain foods are eaten.

Exclusion diet (e.g. for candida). Most of the foods likely to cause a reaction are removed from the diet and then gradually reintroduced to try to isolate the problem. The process usually takes about 28 days.

Kineisiology – is muscle testing, a cheaper method which needs little equipment.

Listen system – Probes are placed on the meridian ends of the toes and fingers, and tests for intolerances, vitamins etc.

Hair Analysis – a piece of hair is cut and sent to a lab for examination.

When the problem is identified through intolerance testing, and removed from the diet it can help the body to function properly. Many clients have lost weight as a result so it is often used as a diet aid.

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