21 Jan

Confidence can be a fragile experience for many people but it is possible to take steps to feel better about your self.

With TV, advertising, social media, etc, we are constantly surrounded by human beauty and ‘perfection’ in all its’ forms and this can easily erode and undermine our confidence.

Whether it is body confidence, confidence in our ability or the confidence to be ourselves each and every one of us faces his or her own struggle.

But there is good news! There are some simple daily activities you can do to help you feel good.

“Anyone has the ability within them to change their thinking and therefore change their reality,” says neuro trainer and sports coach Wendy Smith.

“If you want to be confident you can – it’s all a matter of how you speak to yourself and the actions you take.”

Five daily activities to boost your confidence

1. Get up and show up

Stop hitting the snooze button! Get up and decide how you want your day to play out. From the moment you open your eyes choose which thoughts are going to run your day. You have around 60,000 thoughts a day influencing your emotions and behaviours. Spend a few minutes jotting down your beliefs about yourself each morning then decide if they are really true. Whatever you think, you are never wrong so if you want to feel confident you should think confident.

2. Choose your colours wisely

Wear something you love! Clothes and colours have the power to make us feel confident. Have you got that particular outfit that makes you feel on top form? If not, find a colour specialist who can look at your skin tone and wardrobe and help you find the colours that make you feel great. Colours are powerful, they can drain the life out of us or empower us.

3. Take a long hard look in the mirror

There is no ‘perfect’, don’t believe the filters and the Photoshop. Instead of looking in the mirror and being critical of yourself wondering why you aren’t skinny enough, toned enough, tall enough, short enough, ect, stop worrying about what you think you should be and see what you love about you. Every day pick 3 things that you love. Are you a great dancer, the best friend, an awesome lover, have the best legs or beautiful eyes? Start looking and noticing the beauty of you and notice how doing this everyday adds to your confidence.

4. Commute the right way

What do you do on the way to work – social media, listening to the news, reading a paper? Is it a habit that will generate confidence within you? If not change it! Create a morning track list to motivate you into the state you want to be in. Choose music that makes you feel really good. Music is a great state changer, choose the songs that make you want to get up and dance, stand tall and smile wide. What songs put a spring in your step? These are your morning playlist!

5. Spend some time imagining the most confident you

Our mind does not recognise the difference between imagined reality and the here and now, so the more you see yourself as a confident person, walking tall, smiling, having fun, the more your mind will create this with your body. Confidence is something we create on the inside, you cannot buy it from a shop. Imagine yourself confident and true confidence will follow.

As Beyoncé says “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence”, so find your inner diva and believe in yourself.

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