23 Jan

Singer Annie Lennox was crippled by ‘excruciating’ back pain despite having a spinal operation for the problem. Now a new British product could help Annie, and many thousands like her, to alleviate back pain.

The Eurhythmics star, 64, suffered a back spasm that forced her to quit work in order to recover. She was rushed home from Mexico for surgery to release a trapped nerve near her spine which had caused her left foot to go ‘freezing and numb’.

She wrote on her blog at the time that it was ‘like a dead fish’.

But the singer, from Aberdeen, admitted she still suffers with intense nerve pain and revealed the toll that the injury took on her body.

Annie said: “I had to have a back operation and a lot of things changed after that. I can suffer from excruciating nerve pain, which comes in with a vengeance when I least expect it”.

She added: “It hit over New Year and I’m hoping it will settle down. It has given me an insight as to what others have to deal with”.

New Solution Could Help Back Pain

Inventor Nick Langley recently launched a new solution to the problem of back discomfort.

Lunarbac is a British product that uses high-tech foam wedges, held in place by a soft winceyette belt, to support the pelvis while the wearer is relaxing or sleeping.

The wedges are in soft, medium, and hard densities of closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam, fabricated by leading converters Polyformes. They provide optimum support and comfort, with two large and two small wedges held in pockets in the Lunarbac belt.

Nick Langley suffered from a progressive back problem for about 30 years before he invented Lunarbac, which he has spent a further six years developing to the stage where it is being launched in the UK.

Disappointment with conventional back treatment drove him to start experimenting with his own cure, the basis of which is the firm belief that most back damage is sustained when relaxing, while asleep in bed or simply sitting in a chair or a seat.

The Lunarbac solution is to protect the back from pressure while the wearer is sleeping or sitting. It puts the cushioning support wedges between the pelvis and the supporting medium – mattress, seat back, etc.

This prevents damage occurring and enables the back to recover naturally. Lunarbac stops the pelvis rotating and thus avoids the detrimental ‘flexible shower hose’ effect on the spine (ie just as hose sustains damage over time where attached to the faucet, so with the spine where attached to the pelvis). In supporting the pelvis, it obviates any pressure on the spine itself.

Lunarbac is only needed when the wearer is sleeping or sitting. If, however, the user wears it throughout the day, it will not restrict movement or bother him or her when being active it moves around with the body, thanks to the contours of the wedges.

The contoured, colour-coded foam wedges were created using computer-aided design facilities, and are fabricated using specialist techniques evolved by Polyformes. Three colours of foam are employed – blue (for the harder pads), yellow (for the medium), and white (for the soft). The wedges give an attractive appearance to the Lunarbac, as well as providing the necessary degree of cushioning, back support, lightness in weight, and durability.

Lunarbac is obtainable from Nick Langley via his website www.lunarbac.com that also contains helpful advice on how best to overcome this common health condition.

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