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29 Jan

Japanese Knotweed can be used to help treat infections. It may be harmful to other plants but it’s safe for humans.

Young shoots, growing tips and unfurled leaves are edible and taste of lemony rhubarb. It is a source of vitamins A and C, potassium, zinc, manganese and phosphorus.

Japanese Knotweed Root enhances blood flow, especially to the eyes, heart, skin, and joints. It has been used to treat respiratory infections.

Japanese Knotweed is highly specific for bartonella infections and good, but of less importance, in mycoplasma infections. Japanese Knotweed Root is a very strong inhibitor of cytokine cascades initiated by bacteria.

It’s believed to be useful in fighting off the spirochetes that cause Lyme, as well as providing anti-inflammatory properties by protecting the body from endotoxin damage and reducing Herxheimer reactions.

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