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16 Feb

British men think American women are more confident, louder and more likely to make the first move.

Over two-thirds (67%) of the men who responded to the survey by DateBritishGuys.com said they thought American women were more confident, 35% said that American women were likely to make the first move in relationships, and almost half (48%) said that they thought American women were louder than British women.

When asked about lifestyle options, almost a quarter (23%) said they thought American women drank less, while 18% said they thought American women smoked less. Meanwhile, 36% of respondents said American women had better teeth.

The survey also asked British men what they would change about their own lives if they lived in America. Almost two thirds (62%) said they would celebrate Thanksgiving, 31% said they would drive a pick-up truck, while almost a fifth (18%) said they would buy a gun.

When asked which sports they would support if they lived in America, almost half (46%) of men questioned said they would watch American Football, 27% said they‘d support basketball, 25% said baseball, and 17% of respondents said ice hockey.

When asked what they would change about their lifestyle if they lived in America, less than a fifth (16%) said they would drink less alcohol, 22% said they would have their teeth fixed, and 6% said they would give up watching football or the Premiere League.

The survey also asked British men what they liked about America. More than half surveyed (52%) said they appreciated America for the number of opportunities it presented due to its size, while 45% said they liked America’s culture, television and music. 43% said they liked America’s optimistic attitude, while 41% said they liked America’s wilderness and landscapes.

When asked which American women they would prefer to have dinner and drinks with, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift were the top choices, followed by Meghan Markle. Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton was a more popular choice to spend an evening with than Kim Kardashian.

Ben Elman, CEO of DateBritishGuys.com said: “Our mission is to help transatlantic couples to connect. As a British guy married to an American woman, living in America, I appreciate the fascination with each other’s culture. Our countries have a complex, historical and unique special relationship.”

Elman continued: “Since 2017, we’ve seen a boost in American women signing up for our site – the ‘Meghan Markle effect’ has certainly played its part – and we are seeing no slowdown in the intrigue British men have for American women.”

The survey of 200 British men aged between 25-65 years was conducted by DateBritishGuys.com, a dating service that introduces and connects British men and American women. The site was launched in 2010 and has more than 108,000 registered users, and attracts more than 1,000 new members every month.

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