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21 Feb

A pioneering new drug can delay the onset of Type One Diabetes, a new study shows.

The drug Tepllzumab, which dampens down the immune system, allows the body to continue making insulin. In the new study this stopped diabetes developing for around two years.

Unlike the type two form of the illness, Type One Diabetes has nothing to do with lifestyle and is instead tied to genetics.

Researchers at Yale University conducted their trial on 76 patients, mostly aged between eight and 18. All were seen as high risk because relatives had diabetes.

The tepllzumab treatment – given by a drip every day for two weeks – worked by staving off the destruction of Insulin-producing cells.

Dr Elizabeth Robertson of Diabetes UK said the study was exciting because it examined the root cause of an illness affecting 400,000 Britons.

“Every day you can delay this disease is important,” said Professor Kevan Herold who led the study.

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