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12 Mar

A new website allows care companies to advertise their job vacancies at no cost.

www.care-Job.com has launched offering completely free Healthcare Job advertising for all Healthcare Companies. Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Care Agencies, Nursing Agencies, Hospitals and GP Surgeries and others.

Lastminute Care & Nursing, a Healthcare Provider based in Neston Cheshire and with offices in Manchester, Lancashire and East Yorkshire have funded and launched the site to offer something different, a unique service. The concept is simple, to create a service that allows care companies to advertise their vacancies for free, on a level playing field.

Joseph Willis Group-CEO and founder of the company, said: ”For many years, I’ve seen the cost of advertising for Care Jobs and Nursing Jobs skyrocket out of control. The big players simply play one advertiser off against another, driving budgets to unprecedented and ultimately unrealistic levels.
“Small companies in particular are being priced out of the market. As a Franchisor, we support new Care Agency and Recruitment Businesses in the Care Sector. As new businesses they don’t stand a chance, even with our size and scope we still find it difficult to truly compete with the big multi site operators. I wanted to do something different.

“By offering free advertising, we remove the barrier of cost and improve standards and pay rates, because now the visibility and success of the advertising is based upon content, opportunity and quality, not who has the biggest pockets.

”Budgets are being stretched further than ever before, and so we’re looking to the industry and our Care partners to get involved with this team effort. If only 10% of the industry advertise their vacancies on www.care-Job.com, then we will become one of if not the largest Healthcare Job Boards in the UK.

Free Care-Job advertising no strings attached. Go to www.Care-Job.com

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