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This easy-to-follow Advanced Reflexology Guide contains a range of advanced information, techniques and philosophies for the professional therapist, based on knowledge and experience developed by Jean Gibson over three decades. See Description, below, for full product details.





Distinguishing Features of the Holistic Approach to Health
Holistic Approach to Well-being
Holistic Approach to Health
Diet and Nutrition
Reflexology Chart
The Zonal System
The 5 Zones of the Body
The Ten Zones of the Body
Meridians & Reflexology
The Subtle Body
Mind and Body Connection
Cross Reflexes
Helper Areas
How to Work the Digestive System
Common Diseases of the Digestive System
The Intestinal Reflex Points in the Feet
Corresponding Intestinal Reflexes in the Colon
Muscular & Skeletal Reflexes on the Feet
Working the Skeletal Reflexes on the Feet
Working the Endocrine System
The Body’s Arousal Response (Alarm System)
Simple Time Management
Common Disorders
The Reflexology Stress Control Workout
Order of Treatment
Contra-Indications & the Healing Crisis


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